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Welcome to Tee Hee Productions. Here you will find some of my stories, poetry, artwork and photography. I am a writer and an artist that is why I don't make any money. Just kidding I made almost minimum wage last year. Well anyway I hope you enjoy my site, oh yeah I made it so if you need a web site contact me.


A Little about me

Well let me see, my name is Wayne and I do a lot of things but I love to write. And if you look at the pictures on this page you can gather I like to write romance. Okay I don't write romance I write horror, sci-fi and fantasy.

So let's see now, I was a stand-up comic for over 10 years, In fact I won $10,000.00 on America's Funniest People I've been on a bunch of other shows as well but that was then and this is now. I am also a Photographer and shoot for a few magazines. I have been involved in the sport of gymnastics all my life. I have been a coach for over 30 years. Wow I am old.




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